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Chamber Member Profile: Central Communications Inc.

October 4, 2017

For companies that provide essential services to people, or simply feel it’s beneficial to have a human answering their phones, Central Communications, Inc. (CCI) fills a critical need.  The Norwalk-based company is an inbound call center, providing answering services for a variety of businesses, from medical offices to property management companies and everything in between.

“We really run the gamut of businesses that we service,” says Linda Curtis. “Medical practices, are an obvious one, but we also have funeral homes, fuel companies, small businesses and professional services of all kinds. We even provide Wi-Fi tech help for the Army. Another important part of our business is managing an alarm monitoring central station.  One of the most unusual clients, and a relatively new one, is handling laundry debit cards for apartments and other residential buildings. People are literally calling from in front of a washing machine to add funds to their cards.”

Curtis says that many of CCI’s customers are in Connecticut, but they have clients from all over the U.S., from California to the East Coast. For many companies, CCI is their virtual office. For example, a company doesn’t have a receptionist but they don’t want their calls being answered by a machine.  Their callers will have the same seamless experience as if they were talking to someone in that company’s office.

CCI has had many years of experience, having been in business for 35 years. Of their 50+ employees, 95% are located in Norwalk. They are all trained to handle all call center situations and can work with any of the company’s clients.  Curtis states that much of their success can be attributed to 13-year veteran Operations Manager Ann Cadin, whose around the clock availability will insure prompt attention to customer concerns.

Being located in Connecticut is a big selling factor for CCI, according to Curtis. “The fact that we’re a U.S.-based company is important to our clients. You will never have someone from another country answer the phone.” That, and being available 24/7. “We’re here and available to answer,” says Curtis. “Having a real person vs. an answering machine pick up the phone of, say a plumbing or electrical business, gives that company a big edge. It can really make a difference in getting a customer.”

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable answering service, contact Central Communications, Inc. at (203) 846-4343 or visit www.callcenteransweringserviceus.com.