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Chamber Member Profile: CIRCLE CARE Center

March 5, 2018

CIRCLE CARE Center is Southern Connecticut’s leading primary care clinic serving the LGBTQ community that specializes in the treatment of infectious diseases. It was founded in Norwalk in 2011 by CEO Scott Gretz and has its own specialty pharmacy.

CIRCLE CARE Center works with people from across the state serving the needs of everyone, but especially people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. CIRCLE CARE Center also focuses on providing access to pre-exposure prophylaxis, otherwise known as PrEP, which is a daily pill that prevents acquiring HIV. In addition, the clinic offers opportunities for all individuals, not just patients registered at CIRCLE CARE Center, to participate in current and cutting-edge clinical studies.


The Center’s Medical Director, Dr. David Rubin, who joined in 2016, has revolutionized patient care at the clinic. He has decreased patient wait times to a minimum and brought to the clinic’s patients his expertise in the fields of general medicine, infectious diseases, HIV, and LGBTQ healthcare.

Over the years, CIRCLE CARE Center has expanded its level of care to include social services and community outreach. “From the start, the vision of CIRCLE CARE Center has been ‘Unity in Community’ as we have brought together two other non-profit organizations, Triangle Community Center and MFAP, ,” says Gretz. ”By sponsoring these organizations, along with their many annual events and ongoing programming, we can provide additional resources and services to Fairfield County’s LGBTQ and HIV-positive communities.”

CIRCLE CARE Center also publishes the daily online magazine HIV Equal. The online publication is read internationally and serves as a centralized hub for news, feature stories, video content, LGBTQ issues, and other multimedia projects related to HIV.

To learn more about CIRCLE CARE Center, located at 618 West Avenue, please visit www.CIRCLECARECenter.org. To make an appointment, or to learn more about PrEP and other services, please call (203) 852-9525.