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Chamber Member Profile: Yes And Company

December 1, 2017

Many of us try to stay in good physical shape. We jog, take exercise classes, practice yoga. But keeping your mind sharp and active is just as important. That’s the impetus behind Dan Guller’s new Darien-based business, Yes And Company. Yes And Company is designed to be the weekly fitness routine for your brain, through improvisation.

Yes And Company’s “Everybody Up!” class is the workout your brain has been missing. Using a series of improv exercises, the classes encourage creativity, spontaneity, and collaboration. This is not a performance class, just good fun to get the brain juices flowing.

“Our classes help you to use parts of your brain that you don’t usually use,” says Guller. “We start off with some easy exercises such as going through the room telling a story one word at a time, or spelling words with each person providing one letter.”

Yes And Company also provides team building for groups, businesses or private events with a customized course of exercises designed to improve team cohesion and get your group laughing while they work together. Guller says it is actually a common businesses instinct that inspired the name Yes And Company. “In business, many times when in a meeting or asked to perform a task, a person’s first instinct is to find the negative – how it can’t be done. In improvisation, you’re told to always reply ‘yes, and’ when in a scene. This teaches you to think positively and look at things in a different way.”

Guller says he was inspired while unemployed, spending time with stay-at-home parents. “I noticed a lot of stay-at-home parents complaining about having mommy brain,” says Guller. “It dawned on me that improv is great exercise for our brains. Yes And Company is the perfect way for me to use my background in improv to provide a fitness class for the brain for parents and companies.”

Guller started the business six months ago after a career in banking. While in the corporate world, he always had a foot on the stage, performing in improvisational comedy in New York City for more than 20 years. Most recently, he has performed at the PIT and the National Comedy Theatre.

You can also book live improv comedy performances for your private event or party with Yes And Company Live. In fact, a live performance will take place on Sunday, December 10th at 7:00pm at the Wall Street Theater.

For more information on how Yes And Company can help you or your business exercise and expand thinking power, call Guller at 203-900-4YES (4937) or email dan@yesandcompany.net. More information can be found on their website: www.yesandcompany.net